AT-502 CONSTRUCTION - egikuwait


Although we have expanded our services offerings significantly over the years, we began with traditional general contracting services. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the subcontractor base in each of our markets, resulting in the best price and schedule delivery.
Our experience lies in designing/fabricating all sorts of portable living units of various ranges and module structures. The design and fabrication covers Single Room, Double Room, Double Wide, Trailer Mount units, Sandwich panels, Corrugated sheet with glass wool installation, polymer sandwich panels, ISO container units and other similar structures.

Our custom made modular buildings are as follows

Portable Living Units

We make various types of portable staying units including polyurethane sandwich panel, Corrugated metal structures and modular kinds. The common sizes include 6meters and 12meters, but would consider and make as per client’s special requirement.

Ablution Units
Generally our ablution unit makes 20 Ft and 40 Ft sizes, but it is not a constrain to manufacture varied sizes as required by the client.

Shower Units
whatever the design or size be, it never pose a difficulty to us. The client can dictate to us the design and size, regardless of the standard size and pattern, we deliver it to them.

  • We are builders with the expertise to dip deep in reviewing and analyzing contraction documents. When we deliver a budget we are condiment that it is complete and accurate.
  • When design changes happen we are flexible and work collaboratively with the team to integrate the new deigns into the contraction process.
  • We set the stage from the beginning to ensure a smoother building process for you.

The company has clear values, putting safety and the client first. It has a proven track record of effectively delivering diverse projects and services to a broad base of clients with whom it works, handling projects either on a traditional contract basis or through full partnering agreements.