We have general Import/Export license facilitating Import/Export of various products on behalf of our clients. No additional license is required by any company sponsored by us. EGI provides logistics services for a variety of industries in Kuwait. Dealing primarily in international trade, the company imports and exports a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods, including software, raw materials, electric motors, vehicles, chemical products, and clothes, among many others.

We possess the necessary personnel, delivery vehicles and financial resources that enable us to provide an efficient service to our customers. We have the necessary cross border permits to transport a wide range of products to neighboring countries in southern Africa. Our vehicles have the capacity to transport both large and small volumes of goods. EGI realizes that cost containment and cost control are part of the major challenges that our clients face. With cost-containment in mind, EGI has and continues to enter into distributorship agreements with various product manufacturers around the world.

Our Professional Experts and the broad array of our customer base has, and continues to give us pricing competitive advantages over our competitors as we are able to negotiate bulk product discounts directly with manufacturers.