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New machine, 6KW, 15A, 120V, outlets, 4-1250 watt metal lamps,30′ tower, 50 gal. Tank, Rear hitch, Tower
Rest HP – 56 CU in. LDW 903 Lombardi 12V DC – Starting System, 60HZ @ 1800 RPM Generator, 0.1 sec. Voltage Response, 30 Feet Mast – 360 Degree Rota table Light Bar. 3 Point Out Rigger System. Flood Light Assembly – Consists of Four 1000 watt lamp fixtures. Night Light, 4-1250 Watt MH Lamps – LDW 903 Lombardi Engines 10.8 Incorporating an all-new concept, its modular design allows the operator to easily change the tower, lights and even power source in a matter of only minutes. Operating off MQ Power’s time-tested generators, the MLT-DA7 power source can be quickly interchanged with another generator for East Group General Trading and Contracting Co .W.L.L .

VISION 2N Autoslope – THEIS

Horizontal dual grade laser with *automatic monitoring and adjustment of the laser plane (Autoslope). The Slope align function can be activated with the remote control FB-V to record a specified slope target manually. To avoid false measurements, the laser plane is subsequently monitored again and adjusted, if necessary.

Areas of application : Agriculture, gardening and landscaping, building construction, road construction

TBE 11 Machine-Detector – THEIS

The machine detector TBE 11 is conceived for the rough use on the building site and should not be missing for grading work. It works with almost each construction laser and requires no interwirings for the operations. Although the large light indicators are well identifiable by the machine detector at the leader houes, a likewise wireless remote indication is offered when desired. The detector is within seconds safe owing to an innovative screwing and clamping technology at each rod Ø 50 mm mounts. The range depends on the transmitter and can reach up to 700 m. Whether it itself now around excavation work for a one-family house or around planing of parksport and other places acts, the machine detector is suitable for each of these work excellently.

LCD Digital Microscope – Microscope

Achromatic objectives equip the LCD Digital Microscope II with an optical system that transmits enhanced contrast and minimal image distortion. The objective turret features 4x, 10x, and 40x color-coded objectives capable of up to 160x, 400x, and 1600x magnification using digital zoom. This microscope also provides variable-intensity top and bottom illumination, both controlled by a base-mounted dimmer wheel. Complementing the bottom LED light source, a condenser lens and disc diaphragm with color filters provide several options for specimen illumination. To enable fine control of the specimen, the LCD Digital Microscope II is configured with a mechanical stage, making this optical-electrical instrument ready for the lab as well as the classroom.

Laser Levels – THEIS

The THEIS PROFI LASER – 2N Autoslope is a dual grade laser with automatic adjustment (Autoslope), a Slope-Align function* and visible laser beam. Digital input of the slope settings up to +/- 15.000 percent.+/- 15 % dual grade slope function with automatic adjustment (Autoslope).Slope-Align function with surveillance of laser level
Tilt-Function in levelling operation and at grades. In the event of major position changes of the laser, it switches off automatically to prevent faulty measurements.

Geo-Fennel Total Station – Geo-Fennel

Measuring programs that provide efficient and easy solution for setting out.
Three-dimensional measurement of coordinates
Menu driven software with intuitive structure to maximise productivity
A visible laser pointer to improve targeting accuracy and allowing measurements to be taken without looking through the telescope
Data can be uploaded and downloaded to a PC via the RS-232 connection or SD-Card (FTD 02)
Measuring range of up to 300m (FTD 05: 200m) without reflector
Quick and easy set-up with the integrated laser plummet


Horizontal and Vertical Dual Grade Laser – Geo-Fennel

The top of the range dual grade laser can be used for grades up to 25%
A rugged high performance fully automatic self-levelling dual grade laser. Designed for excavation, ground works and use with machine control systems for ultimate grade control.
Horizontally fully automatic self-levelling
Digital grade setting of X and Y axis
Steep grade setting in Y axis up to 25% (using steep grade adapter
Manual grade setting of X and Y axis



The fully automatic Theis professional pipe laser TKL-6 with remote control can be used even in tight pipe bends because of its compact dimensions. Because of the high-power laser diode the laser beam has excellent visibility even at great distances.

The TKL-6 is marked by its extremely solid housing and is absolutely waterproof. A quality product with highest accuracy!




  • Electronically self-levelling crossliner for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Manual grade in two axes
  • 4 horizontal and 4 vertical laser lines resp. -crosses, separately activatable; plummet beam
  • Endless fine-adjustment 360°


  • Dry-, ceiling- and acoustic construction
  • Fitting of windows and doors
  • Alignment of kitchens and shelves
  • Alignment of drywalls
  • Fixing of profiles and brackets


GPS / GNSS Reciever – Geo-Fennel

The geo-FENNEL FGS 1 is a robust receiver designed for challenging environments integrated into a compact device that is lightweight and highly portable.

The FGS 1 can track all current working GNSS constellations. By using a unique algorithm it can operate in RTK mode combining all GNSS constellation signals or by using a single GNSS constellation signal such as GLONASS or BeiDou. The strong anti-interference ability of the receiver makes it possible to work in any environment. The FGS 1 integrates a cutting edge GNSS board, Bluetooth®, optional UHF (Rx & Tx) into a compact system. The smart design positions the FGS 1 among the lightest and most compact receivers currently available. The system is open to third party applications and supported by MicroSurvey FieldGenius and Carlson Surv-CE field applications.

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VISION 2N Autoslope – THEIS

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TBE 11 Machine-Detector – THEIS

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LCD Digital Microscope – Microscope

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Laser Levels – THEIS

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Geo-Fennel Total Station – Geo-Fennel

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Horizontal and Vertical Dual Grade Laser – Geo-Fennel

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GPS / GNSS Reciever – Geo-Fennel