EGI is the sole representative/distributor of TYRE PROTECTOR in Kuwait. It is no toxic tyre sealant which guarantees “no puncture” for the life of tyre. It is UK Product. Major HEAVY EARTH MOVING equipment /CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES are our clients.

There are many sealants currently on the market, but Tyre Protector is widely recognised as the most effective and advanced product available.

The sealant, which remains in its gel like state for the life of the tyre, is professionally installed into the tyre through the valve stem after the removal of the valve core.As the tyre rotates, centrifugal force evenly spreads Tyre Protector over the entirety of the internal tread area, coating the area with a minimum 2mm coating of sealant. The coating repairs leaks immediately a penetration occurs as thousands of strong interlocking fibres react instantly sealing around the puncturing object thus preventing loss of air.


ALASTAIR SMITH, Service Supervisor, The Cat Rental Store, Durban

“I would like to advise that since the introduction of your product into our 10 x 16,5 CAT 226 Skid Steer tyres we were happy to reduce punctures by 100%.

After the introduction of the product we did not have any punctures at all for the next two weeks until the job finished, this was a remarkable achievement and have forwarded a recommendation to our head office with a suggestion to apply to all new tyre purchases”.

Boris Berggren: branch manager Euromaster Oskarshamn

“I can absolutely recommend TyreProtector, the product works superbly. All our tests show that the product will keep all of its promises. We have chosen to offer our custumers this product because it will save our customers a lot of money, and a lot of valuable time, in return we are certain that it will give us a happy customer for a very long time.”

Saul Licona: Asistente a la Gerenicia – The CAT Rental Store

We applied the product to a Bobcat Caterpillar 226B which we rented from PH Esplendor in Via España and the working conditions like in all construction sites was extreme, causing 2 to 3
punctures week. From the moment we applied Tyre Protector the punctures stopped.

Mohan Kumar: Al-Basti & Muktha L.L.C.

After installing Tyre Protector in the following vehicles which are in use at our various sites we find that the product is performing to our satisfaction technically.

The product has stopped air leakages due to punctures in the tyres. Also air pressure is being maintained. This has reduced our tyre related issues and equipment downtime.

Oivind Bakke: Managing Director Continental/Dekkman

It is probably a world first that a business that sells tyres promotes a product that actually makes tyres last longer and so reduces tyre sales but Oivind Bakke, Dekkman’s managing director explains “there is method in our apparent madness. Some of the employees here discovered Tyre Protector at a Trade fair in Sweden. When I first saw Tyre Protector I thought that it was astonishing. It fitted right into our company’s vision in that if we are going to retain customers a good relationship needs to be established. The way to do this is to reduce the cost to our customers and that is why we believe in Tyre Protector.

Johnny Hakensen: Proprietor of a waste & timber recycling plant.

His company transports waste material throughout Norway especially to the more remote areas. Punctures to his company are a costly hazard. The company sees enormous benefits in using Tyre Protector, they have no down time as a result of punctures and lower costs per tyre, per vehicle, per year. Johnny says “it’s very effective when you need to rely on the vehicle to get there on time. When you can’t afford downtime and you just need to keep going. We have had very good experiences with Tyre Protector and I would absolutely recommend it”.



EGI is the only Company in Kuwait who is marketing multi layer/multi function Vehicle Tracking System on LEASE BASIS WITH FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY OF PRODUCT.

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. Urban public transit authorities are an increasingly common user of vehicle tracking systems, particularly in large cities.