TMP (Trimethylolpropane) akyd resin, polyurethane resin, plasitcizer
NPG (Neopentyl Glycol) alkyd resin, UP resin, plasticizer, uretane resin
Pentaerithritol alkydresin, polyester, dispersed dye stuff
DAA (Diacetone Alcohol) paint solvent for alkyd, acrylic, epoxy, addhesive
Titanium Dioxide paint,ink, cosmetics, pigments
Polyethylene Wax paint, ink, pigment dispersion, hot melt adhesive,
Petroleum resin paint, road markings, ink, CR Adhesive, sizing agent
Epichlorohydrin epoxy resin, synthetic glycerin, surfactant
Epoxy resin paint, electronics, adhesive, contraction,
MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA, liquid crystal display
MAA (Methacyl Acid) adhesive, latex reforming agent, ion exchange
TDI 80/20 polyurethane resin, paint, dye stuff intermediate,
Melamine adhesive, latex reforming agent, ionexchange
PIB (Polyisobutylene) adhesive, laminate plate, paint
PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) paper sizing agent, adhesive
Hydroquinone Photo grade rubber agent, photo agent, polymerizarion agent
Resorcinol adhesive, rubber agent, pharmaceutical agent
Tetra-N-Butyl Titanate (TBT) plasticization catalyst
MA (Maleic Anhydride) UP resin, organic syntetics
DL-Malic Acid (MLA) UP resin, Plasticizer, agrochemicals, surfactant
PA (Pthalic Anhydride) plasticizer
PVC sheet, injection, moulding, food wrapping, film, pipes

05_Rigs -                        300.



A stack of red oil drums. Very high resolution 3D render.

The storage tanks at an oil refinery complex